April 2020


Week 5 is almost behind us … Well, what to say: these weeks are a real challenge for all of us. On Wednesday, some galleries opened again, that gives us a little ray of hope. However, the museums seem likely to remain closed until end of June. It’s a whole different (art) world right now!

Feel the need for a little variety? Check out the list of interesting podcasts below and let yourself be inspired by exciting agents of Viennese arts and culture.

Walking on Instagram

In these times of change, we want to catch and surprise you with a little something. Now, more than ever, it’s time to brush up your social media skills and stay on top of your game.

By participating in „Walking on Instagram“, an arts- and culture-specific LIVE webinar, you will get useful information regarding profiles, feeds, and posts. Together, we will look at numerous “Best Practice Profiles” to gain inspiration and remember: you need to know your community in order to use social media effectively.
The best about it? This time it’s free of charge.*

When? Tuesday, May 5th 2020 | 17:00 – 18:30

Please sign up here and we’ll send you the ZOOM Meeting information.

By the way, there will be a deepening webinar „Follow me“ mid of June 2020.
*Our registration fee for future webinars is €45 per unit

Artsy podcasts and videos that cheer you right up 

"Giese und Schweiger PODCAST" - the art dealers talk about their highlight pieces, for example Palmsonntag of Austrian painter Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

"Kunststoff" - Frauke Maria Petry and Ines Lange, two art historians give insights into their passion, ART

"The Wise Fool" - learning how the contemporary visual art world works, hosted by Matthew Dols
"The Art Assignment" - an educational video series that explores art and art history through the lens of the present, created and hosted by Sarah Urist Green

“How The Art World Works”  - an inquiry into the logistics, values, ethics, expectations and operations of how an artist “makes it” in the art world, hosted by Karen Atkinson and Megan Flanders

"Bow Down" - a series about significant female artists from the past who deserve our attention, hosted by FRIEZE editor Jennifer Higgie

Stay strong, motivated and support each other in arts and culture!

Fettkakao, founded by Andi Dvořák in 2005, is an Art & Record label based in Vienna.
The initial idea was to document a scene of like-minded artists locally, but also internationally. For a few years, they have been publishing the Fettkakao Fanzine with interviews as well as information about current releases & happenings. 

Art Yourself is a culture & art collective based in Vienna that celebrated its 1st birthday last year in September with a colorful festival of cultures, languages and diversity. The festival featured multilingual artists from photographers to singers and writers, connecting arts, performances, DIY activities and science. Save the date this year: 4-5th September 2020!

The Golden Pixel Cooperative (GPC) is an association for the moving image, arts and media, active within both the exhibition and cinema context. Their goal is to develop sustainable structures for distribution, production, mediation and presentation of moving image works by contemporary artists, as well as to facilitate the exchange and support within artists. In reaction to COVID-19 and its effects of temporarily isolation, GPC curated the program "Streaming Spectres" which presents film and video works by their members online for the first time, expected in the first week of May.