We work with collections, art-specific associations, galleries, international networks, artists, and cultural workers.
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Press & PR
“creating value through communication”

Marschalek Art Management offers classical PR methods, specialized for art and culture. The tasks include: conception & creation of press kits, press mailings (online, TV, radio), organization of photo shoots, organization and realization of press conferences or events, follow-ups, press reviews and clippings.

Social Media Communication
“using the power of social media”

A major part of our work is developing strategies and content for social media. The tasks include: business page optimization, community building, content strategy, content development and monitoring.

Project Management


Art Writing & Texts
“writing about art & culture“

Writing about artists, artworks, exhibitions or events in the art world, is a great way to communicate to give a voice to the global art community.

“talking about art & culture”

Artist Talks provide insights into the artists’ work, tell us about contents or processes, and make an important contribution to the communication of art. Paula Marschalek is invited to do Artist Talks, but also Opening Speeches.

Art Communication – Tours
„opening the world of art through communication“

In collaboration with and on behalf of fair organizers, galleries, museums, companies or individuals, private tours are developed to use art as a communication tool and to inspire people with art.

Art Communication – Events
„opening the world of art through communication“

Marschalek Art Management connects with Special events in different forms (Studio Dinner, Studio Visit, Network Events) connecting artists with people interested in art and professionals in the sector.

Workshops & Webinars
“basics of art management“

Marschalek Art Management offers workshops & coachings (social media, crowdfunding) that are designed to make life easier for artists & creative professionals.

Art Management Coaching

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